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06 - Jump Rock at 70 - Sundown / Gordon Lightfoot - Apr 30, 2017

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It had to happen eventually - I've turned 70. If I look like I'm in better shape than you expect to be at 70 or if you don't enjoy your current workouts, give Hooping a try. I don't hoop to be fit, I hoop because it's fun.

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Weak-Side Hooping

Since hooping is asymmetrical, always hooping in one direction execises muscles on each side of the body differently. There are some moves I can do rotating the hoop anti-clockwise that I can't even approximate going clockwise.

So there's a lot of upside potential in rotating the hoop opposite the direction you're used to, which I call weak-side hooping. There's increased muscle confusion and you gain strength as your body has to work muscles differently from before.

I've been working Weak-Side Hooping into my workouts for several weeks now and it's really paying off.

1. I can tell that the muscles that absorb the landing are much stronger
One of the first things that you notice when you hoop to the weak side is that the 'landing' is mushy and it's more difficult to keep up the tension in your muscles that keep the hoop going

2. I can stay up on the balls of my feet more of the time.
When I first started weak-side hooping I could not elevate my heels at all. Gradually I've gotten stronger so that I'm able to keep the hoop up without relying on the anchor that planted feet provide, which helps im bulding core strength.

3. New muscle groups come into play in unanticipated ways.
It turns out when you force your body to do something un-coordinated it makes it owns determinations on how to carry it out. I was expecting everything on the weak-side to be a mirror image of the strong-side but that's not what happens. I think your body uses all the resources it has because it can't rely on what's tried and true going the other way. Going to the weak-side I now can tell, and feel the benefits, of relying more on my abdominals to compensate for the lack of coordination - it just worked out that way over a period of time.

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